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Top Ten Places to Visit in Europe

1. Lesvos. Truly a magical place to visit. The birdlife is incredible where east meets west bringing with it a few birds you would struggle to see in the usual European locations.

2. Coto Donana Parque national. A totally unspoilt area of a multitude of habitats that is located not too far from the Portugese Border and is situated more or less between Huelva and Seville. It is stuffed with birds. Star bird here is the Spanish Imperial Eagle.

3. The mountainous are around Ronda on the Costa del Sol. Stronghold of many birds of prey including Griffon Vulture, Short toed Eagle plus the odd Egyptian and Black Vulture, Booted and Bonellie's Eagle for good measure.

4. Portugal, the Algarve. Some excellent reserves along this long strip of land running along the southern area of Portugal from Spain to Cabo de sao Vicente. Also just over the Northern Algarve boundary you have the Castro Verde where Great and Little Bustards roam together with large numbers of Montague Harriers, the odd Roller plus many more birds.

5. The NW corner of the Greek Mainland, bordering Albania. You fly into Parga to get there. A hugely underwatched area of Greece with some amazing wetlands with anything from Flamingoes, White and Dalmation Pelicans, Slender billed Gulls and much much more.

6. Mallorca. A smashing birdwatching island with plenty of places to visit. Well worth going to the Albufeira Marshes & waterworks (Depudora), Boquer Valley, Cuber Reservoir, Selina de Levanti and many more.

7. Kefalonia. Not as good as Lesvos as it only has one wetland area but it is a stunning island with many mountains, valleys and plains. Some excellent birds here that can be quite easily found if you look hard enough.

8. Scilly Isles in Autumn. Awesome place to visit if it's rare birds you are after.

9. Norfolk / Suffolk. An anytime of the year area to visit with enough reserves and bird rich habitats to last you a lifetime.

10. Scotland. Based anywhere near Loch Garten (near Aviemore). Use it as a start point to visit the Cairngorms and surrounding area plus venturing throughout the whole of the North of Scotland, perhaps calling into the Isle of Skye as well. What can you see. Capercaillie, Ptarmigan, Golden Eagle, White-tailed Eagle, Black Grouse, Red Grouse, Crested Tit, Scottish Crossbill plus many more.

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