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Top Ten Places to Visit in Oceania

1/ Lake Preston, in the South West of Western Australia where great congregations of Avocet can be seen and where the rare Hooded Dotterel breeds,
2/ Kari Forest, also in the South West where some of the tallest trees in the world can be found.
3/ The Darling Range, A Jarra and Marri forest, with Banksias and Gravillias, and where a wealth of orchids and other unique flowers can be found.
4/ Roebuck Bay, A strong tidal bay where millions of waders and other sea birds can be seen on the mudflats.
4/ Millstream, A kind of oasis in the Hamersly Range.
5/ The Lowendal Islands and Barrow Island. Rugged outcrop Islands off the North West Coastline of Western Australia where three species of Marine Turtles abound, and with Coral Reefs that match those at the Great Barrier Reef.
6/ Tasmania, a place largely unspoilt by the introduction of the Fox and other introduced species that destroyed the unique wildlife of the mainland Australia.
7/ Beyond the Black-stump. The wild outback of Australia where creatures and plants survive the arrid, inhospitable environment.

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